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Press Center
The WSF 2011 Media center is established on the WSF venue for journalists accredited for the WSF 2011 event. They can find information on Forum activities and other practical information’s relating to their stay in Senegal. The Center will also be opened to organizations registered for the forum and trying to organize activities with the press, such as press conferences, debates or interviews with journalists. Procedures will be established to organize and facilitate access.

The Press Center will give to accredited journalists some facilities to enable them to ensure good coverage of the event. Desktop computers will be available but limited. Internet access point will available for those with laptops.

An information desk will be installed in the press center to guide / steer journalists and provide them practical information.

Infrastructure can be installed, as editorial offices (with or without computers), editing rooms, workrooms radio, television studios for media upon request. These kind of services will be paid.

The Press Center is the space (venue) of the press conferences and other activities to share with journalists. An indicative agenda of these events will be available each day.


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