This section it's a series of media coverages (texts, videos and pictures) done by media groups that have their practices founded on the principles of Shared Communication, which, in the context of the Forum since 2000, is being built and grown by alternative media from several countries, groups, networks, social movements, institutions etc.

Beyond this material, we present you articles on the results and reflections on the 2011 event (February 06-11) and follow-ups projected for this year and the next. The visit to Tunisia after Dakar, the Calendar of struggles and actions proposed by the Assemblies of Convergence for Action, held on February 10-11 are among them. The organization of this edition is a joint initiative of the WSF Office and the Communication Commission of the WSF International Council. Click the sub-items of the section above.

In case you are interested in contributing to the 2011 Dakar WSF Memory, send a message to: fsmsite