Thematical Forums

2011 World Social Forum

Follow the mobilization of thematic forums that are building the centralized edition in Dakar (Senegal). The registration of the event, to be held on Febuary 6th-11th 2011, is already opened. Organize your activities!

Event: Right to Food and Food Sovereignty Forum
Location: Niamei (Niger)
Date:October 16th-18th
Contacts: A.T. Moussa Tchangari - tchangari / tchangari
Ibrahim Diori - ibdiori

Event: Forum for Health, Environment and Land towards a collective action
Location:Cairo (Egypt)
Date:October 23rd-25th
Contacts: Egyptian Health for all Foundation - T/F: 20 2 22682278 heforum

Event: World Education Forum in Palestine
Location: Haifa, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Gaza and Lebanon
Date: October 28-31
Contact info: Marjon Goetinck - marjon

Event: Nigeria Social Forum
Local: Benin City
Data: November 2nd-5th
Contact: John Patrick Ngoyi – jpngoyi2004

Event: Human Rights Forum in Mauritania
Date: November 5th-7th
Location: Nuaquechote (Mauritânia)
Contacts: Kamal Lahbib - lahbib_2006 / Hamouda Soubhi - hsoubhi / Mohamed Ghatas - fmas

Event: African Forum of Cultural Rights
Location: Fabrique Culturelle des Abattoirs, Casablanca (Morocco)
Date: November 28th
Contact: hsoubhi

Event: V Pan-Amazon Social Forum
Location: Santarém, Brazil
Date: November 25th-29th
Contact: contato

Event: Thematic World Education Forum on Education, Research and Culture of Peace
Location: Santiago de Compostela (Galicia)
Data: December 10th-13th

Event: Forum on Immigration in Brussels
Date: December 17-19
Contact: Kamal Lahbib - lahbib_2006 / Hamouda Soubhi - hsoubhi / Mohamed Ghatas - fmas