Registration Guidelines

The World Social Forum is an open space for all, without discrimination of race, origin, gender, religious beliefs, political ideologies, sexual orientation etc. The 2011 WSF Organizing Committee has developed this registration tool which is already opened for registration of organizations, individual participants and delegates, activities and also stall requests for the next edition of the Forum. You will be guided online during the whole process.

However, if you have Internet access difficulties, or if you know an organization that need to register but don’t have Internet Access, please, contact the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee, a form will be available to you for your registration:

The registration for the centralized edition of the 2011 World Social Forum were postponed until January 9th. The event is going to take place on February 6-11, in Dakar, Senegal, at the Cheikh Anta Diop University Campus. For communicators, the deadline is the same, but individual registration will be kept open. The general program will be organized on the following way:

1st day (02/06/2011): Opening March
2nd day (02/07/2011): Day of Africa and Diasporas
3rd day (02/08/2011): Self-organized activities
4th day (02/09/2011): Self-organized activities
5th day (02/10/2011): Assemblies of Convergence
6th day (02/11/2011): Assemblies of Convergence / Assembly of Assemblies

The general guidelines from the WSF Organization is that organizations should read the 12 thematic axes prior to their registration, in order to chose the ones that are more appropriate to their activities. There are two modes of registration: individual and of organizations. This last one allows the registration of other types of participation like Assemblies of Convergence, Expanded Activities, stalls later one. Just like it was with other centralized editions, only organizations can register activities. In case you only want to attend as participant, please register as an individual.

If you have Internet access difficulties, or if you know an organization that need to register but don’t have Internet Access, please, we recommend to contact the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee in Dakar:

Or by e-mail: enregistrement ou secretariat


To register

There are two modes of registration: individual and of organizations. Organizations can send up to 5 delegates and register 3 activities, which will be confirmed after the payment of registration fees is made. Deadline for registering and payment is on January 9th.

Click here to access the registration area.

For registration fees, click here.


Step by step

In case you have any difficulty in filling in the forms or to learn more on the registration process, please click here and go the Step by Step page.



If you are having doubt on which axis is more suitable for your activity, click here to read them again.


Expanded Activities

The “Expanded Dakar” activities will be held on February 4-13 2011. You and your organization can prepare from a distance an action taking place on your city, neighborhood, school or workplace, aiming to take part at the 2011 WSF, even not physically present in Dakar. In case you are interested, please write to facilit.espaco.fsm.extendido with the following information: Location, Date, Time, Proposing Organization, Contact Person, Theme, Activity's format. For more information:


A strong team of local African language volunteers is presently being recruited and will be trained in Dakar. We will also need a number of experienced and professional interpreters from outside Senegal for other languages. The list of required languages will be compiled from the list of speakers and the requests of the participant delegations, but will mainly be French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic.

Due to budgetary constraints, we can only select volunteers from Africa and Europe. Tickets from the Americas or Asia are unfortunately too expensive. In accordance with Babels rules, we will ensure there is a balance of experienced and first-time interpreters in the booths. The selection process will also be transparent and inclusive. We will document every step of the selection process and report on it publicly, via the Babels forum and mailing list.

Availability: we will be organizing training sessions for community interpreters prior to the Forum. If you can come earlier to help with this training, with the additional forums or general logistic tasks please tell us.

The WSF-OC will pay for your ticket and accommodation. There will be a per diem of 15000 cfa/day (22€) to cover your food and transport (which will cost less than that). Accommodation will probably be in shared flats. More information on logistics will be provided later on.

If you are interested in participating, please go to the following URL: and fill out the form. We will contact you shortly to confirm your registration. If you are selected, we will inform you as early as possible.

Please send your answers to logistique



The Organizing Committee of the 2011 World Social Forum, to be held on February 6-11, in Dakar (Senegal) is making a call for people who wish to volunteer at the event. Apart from Senegal, people from neighboring countries (Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania), but groups from Europe, Americas, Asia etc are also expected. It will be given priority to those who are interested in volunteering and speak French and English fluently. For those who do not live in Dakar, the Committee cannot cover any travel or accommodation expenses.

Click here to download the volunteer registration form. More information: volontaire



The Logistics Commission of the Organizing Committee has listed the hotels and inns, furnished apartments, villas, the home stay, etc.

Hotels: group rates are available in some hotels from which you can make your reservation directly: For those who want to book hotels, apartments and dormitories, a local team can facilitate your booking. Facilitation dakarguestservices:

Homestay: Contact the Secretariat via e-mail: secretariat / logistique and phone + 221 / 33 825 13 81. The Commission is currently negotiating group rates and identifies families willing to host participants. To this end, a form of homestay is designed to entertain families, who would be willing to host participants in their homes. Family Form for Homestay:

For anyone wishing to stay "homestay" and who would benefit from the facilities that will be obtained, please contact the Secretariat at email listed below.



Organizations can request for exhibition stalls. To do so click the Stalls tab on the menu bar during the Registration process and request your stall. Please, mind the fees, see them here!


Assemblies of Convergence

Guidelines for registering Assemblies of Convergence will be soon available.



Registration of communicators / Press Accreditation / Medias Center

The WSF 2011 Media center is established on the WSF venue for journalists accredited for the WSF 2011 event. They can find information on Forum activities and other practical information’s relating to their stay in Senegal. The Center will also be opened to organizations registered for the forum and trying to organize activities with the press, such as press conferences, debates or interviews with journalists. Procedures will be established to organize and facilitate access. A special form for communicators is already online.



To be granted a visa in order to participate at the 2011 WSF in Dakar, we strongly recommend you to look for the Senegalese embassies and consulates in your countries/regions. These services were already informed by the Senegalese authorities and they intend to make the process easier. Other than that, for countries where there is no Senegalese Embassy, participants should get in touch as soon as possible with the Secretariat of the Organizing Commission: secretariatcomiteforumdakar or midiouf

T:   or


Spread the news! Send the information on the WSF registration to your lists, publish it on your organization and social networks' websites.