Interpretation / Babels

A network of volunteer interpreters is part of the process for organizing the event Dakar 2011 and will be responsible for simultaneous interpretation into different languages.

Another group of technical volunteer working with interpreters, will provide technical support for the interpretation equipment. The interpretation equipment will be installed permanently in some meeting rooms.

Both teams take care of your needs in terms of interpretation. This will require that you provide on your Activity registration form, you have taken into account the different aspects of interpretation (Hall / cost).

The Interpretation Subcommittee of the organizing committee call people with good knowledge of languages as follows:

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and West African languages to inform the WSF Secretariat . We are launching this purpose recruitment as follows:

Recruitment and training of volunteers
 top level community interpreter
For the World Social Forum
6-11 February 2011

From early January until the Forum:
an introduction to interpretation of 20h.
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and West African languages ...

Requirements: excellent knowledge of two languages.
This is not a language course, but techniques that will help ensure a communication from one language to another during the Forum.

A laptop is a plus for some help and ongoing exercises between classes (the exercises are on DVD).

Please send your answers to

well in specifying your languages and your days of availability.