Assemblies of Convergence for Action

Check out the documents of the Assemblies of Convergence for Action that took place in the 2011 edition of the WSF. As not all of the documents have been sent yet, this page will be constantly updated.

* II Assemblée Générale du Réseau Mondial des Droits Collectifs des Peuples (PT) (ES) (FR)

* Assembly of Culture & Education for Transformation (EN)

* Convergence of inhabitants for the right to habitat (PT) (EN) (FR) (CS) (IT) (RU)

* Dakar Appeal against the land grab (ES) (EN) (FR)

 * December 18th 2011: for a global day of action against racism, for rights and dignity of migrants, refugees and displaced persons (EN) (FR) 

* Declaration by the Convergence Assembly on Social and Economy and Fair Trade (EN) (FR)

* Declaration de l'assemblée des mouvements sociaux maghrébins (FR)

 * Education Assembly  (PT) (EN) (FR) (CS) (GL) (IT)

* How to articulate a global common action for 2011-2012 (CS) (EN) (FR)

* Linking Social Forum processes and the development of local alternatives (ES) (FR) (EN)

* Peoples Movement Assembly on Palestine (EN) (FR)

* Pour la libre circulation des personnes (FR)

* Reunification of Africa and the Diaspora with its peoples of Africa descent (EN) (FR)

* Rio+20 (PT) (EN)

* The right to inform and be informed   (PT) (EN) (FR) (ES)  

* Social Movements Assembly (PT) (ES) (EN) (FR) (AR)

* Statement of the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative (EN) (FR)


Program of the Assemblies of Convergence for Action (February 10-11)