Strategies Debate

    This will be the space of the Strategies Debate of the 2010 World Social Forum. The space is going to be conducted by social movements and citizens who take part on the World Social Forum process. A process of accumulation will be built from the succession of forums during 2010. To learn more on how this space works, click here


It will be organized around three topics:

1) Strategies of Movements Debate

2) Strategies of Events Debate

3) Thematic Strategies Debate

  The space of debate is an open space. It will take into account all contributions. Partial syntheses will be regularly published.

  Contributions must be sent to the WSF Office in Sao Paulo, by email to . They will be forwarded to the WSF Strategies Commission before published here.


Global Actions: WSF maps 2010 thematic and regional Forums

Aiming to connect the 2010 WSF Process to the event in 2011, the Strategies Commission of the World Social Forum International Council prepared a survey for all those who organized a thematic or regional Forum during the Year of Global Actions in 2010. The idea is to collect information on all the different Forums and take it to the World Social Forum in Dakar (February 06-11 2011). The one-page long survey is available in all the four working languages of the WSF: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. We ask all those who held any activity this year to write to the WSF Office so we can send the survey to your email: .

All the received surveys will be available on the following page:

* Global Actions