We need another society

During the crisis that the world face since last year many banks have been saved, but planet and humanity are still risking their life and their future.

The majority of the world is unsafe and unhappy. And despite of all the hegemonic system propaganda, much more people now know that the system in which we are obliged to live must be changed.

Ten years ago the largest coalition of civil society ever seen in the history, formed by an incredible number of social organizations and networks, gathered in the WSF process to say that “Another world is possible”.

During the last decade, the coalition became bigger and bigger, involving new social actors and new regions, giving everybody more strength to our struggles, good practices and visions.

Today, with all our differences and in our diversity, we are still and more convinced that there is a way to avoid the climate catastrophe, to stop the increasing of poverty and unemployment, to prevent new social and cultural devastations, to rid off war, militarism, colonialism, patriarchy, racism.

We need another society, another economy, a new relation between humanity and the Earth and a more radical democracy.

All over 2010, everywhere in the world, we will meet to strengthen our alternative responses to the global crises, to involve new actors, to mobilize new social energies, to challenge the existing power.