Calendar of struggles

Dates were takes mainly from the results of the Assemblies of Convergence for Action. In case you have updates, please send it to: fsmsite


Unscheduled events

International Conference on Free Circulation of People

Mobilizations around COP17 (South Africa), Cochabamba (Bolivia), Thematic WSF (Porto Alegre) and Rio+20 (May 2010, in Rio de Janeiro)

World Week of Action in Solidarity to victims of racism and xenophobia

Social Forum of Tunisia



March 04
Women struggling against agrotoxics

March 20
International Solidarity Day to the Palestinian and African peoples

International Council Meeting
Global week of actions in support to the freedom of the Gaza Flotilla II (last week of the month)

May 15

March 15 protests: Palestinian youth mounts growing mobilization

May 21-22
Mobilizations against the G8/G20 Meeting in Le Havre


August 11
Congress of OCLAE


October 3
World Campaign for the Right to Habitat

October 12
Day of Global Action against Capitalism
Still in this month: International Conference on the impact of the North-American invasion in Iraq

December 18
Day of global action against racism, for the rights and dignity of migrants and refugees


18 de dezembro
Dia de ação global contra o racismo, pelos direitos e dignidade dos migrantes e refugiados



Mobilizations around Rio+20

Octuber 01st
World Campaign for the Right to Habitat

And also:
World Forum of Free and Alternative Media
Solidarity Forum to Palestine
International Week of Local Social Forums
World Thematic Forum of Culture and Education for Transformation